How to use Gate peepin'

I. Getting started:
First of all you have to install the extension.

After successful installation the Firefox browser must be restarted and a small eye will appear in the lower right corner of the browser window. Left-clicking the eye enables/disables the extension, open eye equals enabled / closed eye equals disabled. Test to enable/disable the extension. If Gate peepin' is installed correctly enabling/disabling will effect the layout of this website.

II. Now try browsing the web ...
Gate peepin' is intervening within visited web 2.0 platforms. The extension alters and re-edits the content of the visited sites by inserting phrases from the Terms of Services into the existing content. Whenever you visit a new web-site domain Gate peepin' will be checking if the domain is included in its list of territories. If not, nothing will happen, but if Gate peepin' finds the domain on its list, it will fetch the ToS document of the given service and compare its content with the content of the currently visited site. The words which are common between the two sites will be used as entrance points in order to insert phrases from the ToS into the existing content.

Gate peepin' also intergrates a peep summary into the browser window. The peep summary gives you a quick update on the ToS, by showing the occurences of selected keyphrases. It also comes with an estimation of the average reading time it would take to read the entire ToS document and a handy direct link to the ToS in case you become curios to know more about the details behind the summary.

III. Customize your Gate peepin'!
By right-clicking the eye in the lower right corner of the browser window and chosing preferences a preference pane in which you are able to customize the different Gate peepin' settings, will appear. The preference pane allows you to change and adjust the settings for the peep filters, the peep territories as well as the peep layout.

It is possible to enable/disable the default filters, edit the filters or create entirely new filters. Select 'Edit filter' in order to assing new or delete keyphrases or words from an existing filter. Select 'New filter' in order to create a new filter from scratch.

How does filters work?
A filter contains a list of words and phrases that you are specially interested in keeping an eye on. You can enable the filters by disabling 'everything' in this way all enabled filters will be active. When using filters Gate peepin first analyzes the ToS document for strings containing any elements from the filter. All strings found will together be used as the material that GP uses to compare with the visited site. Sometimes a word or phrase may not appear in the inserted ToS string, this is because the commonword is after the keyphrase, however the inserted string is part of the material you've been looking for.

Gate peepin' comes with a default list of territories in which it will intervene, but whenever you stumble upon a new service which you think should be included you can include it here.

You assign new territorium by clicking New territory. Then you fill in the name of the territory: ex. YouTube the most common URL pattern for the service:
ex. and the URL to the Terms of Use of the service that you wish to add:
Please share! Whenever a new territory is added and shared it will be included as a default territorium in the next release of Gate peepin' and thus helping to extend Gate peepin'.

Here you may adjust and fine tune the layout for the interweaving phrases. Default is 120% red for common words and 90% blue for the inserted ToS-phrases.